Community Funding Opportunities

Health Services Research on Minority Health & Health Disparities (R21)

Due Date: 01-09-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to encourage innovative exploratory and developmental health services research to improve minority health and/or reduce health disparities at the health care system-level as well as within clinical settings. R01 also available

Buffett Family Foundation Pledged $90 Million to Aid Young Women of Color

The money will be deployed by the NoVo Foundation via three streams to fund: 1) community-based organizations¿ budget line items on continuing operations; 2) organizations and efforts in the southeastern U.S. in concert with a yet-undetermined regional partner. This money will also be used to form new organizations necessary to affect change and to fund individual efforts that may exist outside of established organizations; 3) broader concerns on a national level, including research organizations and policy change measures.

Supporting Community-led Conservation & Recreation Projects

Due Date: 06-30-2017
The National Park Service helps communities create close-to-home recreation opportunities and conserve natural resources. The Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program is accepting applications for help with a wide range of community-led projects.

Breast Health Outreach Grants

The Avon Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP) provides grants to nonprofit organizations to conduct outreach, provide education on breast health and breast cancer screening, link medically underserved women to care providers and clinical screening services, and help navigate patients through any necessary follow-up care.

Discovery Funding Opportunities

Center of Excellence for Research on Complementary & Integrative Health (P01)

This FOA encourages the submission of applications that requires multi-project, synergistic collaboration between outstanding scientists that blends multiple research approaches by multi-disciplinary research teams.

Charles Koch Foundation Grant Proposal

The foundation supports research that spurs social progress, well-being, and long-term prosperity. Open requests are available for a select number of issues.

Chronic Condition Self-Management in Children & Adolescents (R01)

Due Date: 06-05-2017
To encourage research to improve self-management and quality of life in children and adolescents with chronic conditions, including research that takes into consideration various factors that influence self-management such as individual differences, biological and psychological factors, family and sociocultural context, family-community dynamics, healthcare system factors, technological advances, and the role of the environment.

Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority & Underserved Children (R01)

Due Date: 06-05-2017
This initiative is designed to stimulate research that targets the reduction of health disparities among children. For purposes of this FOA, "health disparities" applies to children who have limited access to resources and privileges that impact their health.

American Heart Association Melvin L. Marcus Young Investigator Award

Due Date: 06-12-2017
The award encourages young investigators to continue research careers in cardiovascular or circulatory physiology. This award has historically recognized physiological research and research in large-mammal studies, and encompasses functional studies in genetically engineered mice or mammals that are the recipients of cell or gene therapy.

American Heart Association Louis N. & Arnold M. Katz Basic Research Prize

Due Date: 06-12-2017
The prize encourages new investigators to continue research careers in basic cardiovascular science. This award historically has recognized research involving biochemical, cellular, molecular and genetic sciences, and now includes whole animal studies, especially those related to the creation of new genetic lines.

Foundation for Women¿s Wellness: Research Awards

Due Date: 06-20-2017
The awards target early funding for small, short-term studies with promise for improving medical knowledge in cardiovascular disease, leading female cancers, the role of hormones in disease and stage-of-life health issues such as pregnancy and menopause and diseases disproportionately affecting women

Transformative High Resolution Cryoelectron Microscopy Program: Support for the Creation of National Centers of Cryoelectron Microscopy

Due Date: 06-30-2017
The NIH Common Fund program in Transformative High Resolution Cryoelectron Microscopy (cryoEM) aims to accelerate and broaden the impact of recent dramatic advances in cryoEM technology on the biomedical research community. The centers will provide access to state-of-the-art equipment, technical support, and cross-training for the production and analysis of high-resolution data.

WHSC Synergy Award

Due Date: 06-30-2017
Emory¿s Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) announces the third cycle of the WHSC Synergy Awards to support new collaborative projects between the schools, centers, and faculty of the WHSC. This announcement seeks proposals for novel research projects led by faculty of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center schools and centers. These awards are meant to spark new, synergistic interactions between investigators and potentiate scientific achievements of the highest quality and impact. Applications are solicited from faculty of all disciplines at the schools of medicine, nursing, public health, Yerkes Primate Center, the Winship Cancer Institute and other units, from basic to clinical, and from all levels of academic rank. Collaborations across all WHSC entities are eligible for consideration.

Pipeline to Proposal Awards Tier A Pre-Engagement/Community Projects

Due Date: 06-30-2017
The purpose of the program is to help people form new collaborations with the goal of developing proposals for research with sound scientific rigor and robust patient engagement. PCORI is interested in research teams that include patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders, as well as researchers.

American Diabetes Association Pathway Grants

Due Date: 07-03-2017
Pathway to Stop Diabetes is a bold, innovative initiative designed to radically transform diabetes research. Our Vision is simple yet revolutionary: find a new generation of brilliant scientists at the peak of their creativity, and provide them with freedom, autonomy, and the financial and professional resources to set them on the road to breakthrough discoveries.

Establishment of Research Centers to Investigate the FVIII Immune Response in Patients with Hemophilia A (U54)

Due Date: 07-07-2017
The goal of this FOA is to establish up to four Centers to utilize cross-disciplinary science and novel technologies to define the basic mechanisms involved in the development of anti-FVIII neutralizing antibodies, also known as FVIII inhibitors, in patients with congenital hemophilia A.

Integrative Computational Biology for Analysis of NHLBI TOPMed Data

Due Date: 07-06-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to support integrated analysis of whole genome, large scale ¿omic¿ data generated by the NHLBI¿s Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) program and associated phenotype and clinical data using systems approaches. Ultimately, these studies will advance our understanding of the molecular underpinnings of heart, lung, blood, and sleep disease.

Translational Research in Pediatric & Obstetric Pharmacology & Therapeutics (R01)

Due Date: 07-07-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to encourage applications for translational and clinical research as well as clinical trials that will advance our knowledge about the underlying mechanisms of drug action, response, and safety in children at various developmental stages, and in women during pregnancy and lactation.

Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP)

Due Date: 07-07-2017
The DURIP supports university research infrastructure essential to high-quality Navy relevant research. The research instrumentation that is necessary to carry out cutting-edge research.

DOD: Bone Marrow Failure Research Program Idea Development Award

Due Date: 07-13-2017
This award mechanism is designed to support new ideas. Proposed research studies should have a high probability of revealing new avenues of investigation.

National Institute on Aging: Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (P30)

Due Date: 07-20-2017
The primary purpose of this FOA is to support centers that will enhance the diversity of the aging research workforce by mentoring promising scientists from under-represented groups for sustained careers in aging research in a selected area of scientific focus, and to develop infrastructure to promote advances in this area and increase the number of researchers focused on the health and well-being of minority elders.

New Opportunity from the NIH Common Fund Protein Capture Reagents Program

The NIH Common Fund Protein Capture Reagents Program (PCRP) has issued a Notice of Availability of Administrative Supplements for Validation of Renewable Antibodies Generated by the Protein Capture Reagents Program. The PCRP was a pilot program that tested the feasibility of large scale production protein capture reagents that are reliable, renewable, and affordable and used human transcription factors as a test set of target proteins. Investigators with relevant active NIH research project grants are encouraged to submit administrative supplement applications to PA-16-287 to undertake a systematic evaluation of the reagents, either a subset or the entire set.

Cystic Fibrosis Research & Translation Center (P30)

Due Date: 07-20-2017
CF Research and Translation Core Centers are designed to support both basic and clinical research on Cystic Fibrosis. The centers support three primary research-related activities: Research Core services; a Pilot and Feasibility program; and an Administrative Core with an enrichment program.

NIDA Translational Avant-Garde Award for Development of Medication to Treat Substance Use Disorders (UG3/UH3)

Due Date: 07-25-2017
The purpose of this award is to support outstanding basic and/or clinical researchers with the vision and expertise to translate research discoveries into medications for the treatment of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) stemming from tobacco, cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or prescription opiate use. Eligible applicants must demonstrate the ability to develop molecules with the potential to treat SUDs and advance them in the drug development continuum. The ultimate goal of this FOA is to bring molecules closer to FDA approval.

Strategic Research Agreements

Due Date: 08-01-2017
JDRF¿s agreements provide research funding for single or multiple investigators to address critical gaps and challenges and potential breakthroughs in Type 1 diabetes research. The Strategic Research Agreement is a partnership between Investigator(s) and JDRF Scientists to help address roadblocks and accelerate JDRF¿s mission through support of cutting-edge scientific investigation.

Mechanistic Ancillary Studies to Ongoing Interventional Clinical Trials (R01)

Due Date: 08-07-2017
This FOA solicits applications that propose to conduct time-sensitive mechanistic ancillary studies related to the NIAMS mission in conjunction with privately or publicly funded, ongoing interventional clinical trials. The ongoing ¿parent¿ project has to be an interventional clinical trial that can provide a cohort of well-characterized patients, infrastructure, data, and biological samples. R21 also available

Tobacco Regulatory Science (R01)

Due Date: 08-17-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to invite R01 applications to support biomedical and behavioral research that will provide scientific data to inform regulation of tobacco products to protect public health.

Translational Outcomes Project in Neurotrauma (TOP-NT) (UG3/UH3)

Due Date: 08-21-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to support the development and validation of pathophysiologically-based preclinical outcome measures or functional markers that align closely with practical clinical assessments in spinal cord injury and/or traumatic brain injury. Bedside knowledge and experience will be leveraged to create better assessment tools for preclinical studies, and the resulting data will be made available to researchers. The goal is to improve the value of preclinical studies to inform clinical diagnoses and prognoses and therapeutic translation.

NIH Director's New Innovator Award Program (DP2)

Due Date: 09-15-2017
The NIH Director's New Innovator Award addresses two important goals: stimulating highly innovative research and supporting promising new investigators. New investigators may have exceptionally innovative research ideas, but not the preliminary data required to fare well in the traditional NIH peer review system.

Developing New Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to Disseminate & Implement Evidence-Based Research Findings (R18)

Due Date: 09-15-2017
The purposes of this FOA are to develop new, reliable, valid, and usable CDS from evidence-based research findings and then demonstrate its effectiveness to improve care in clinical practice.

NIH Director's Transformative Research Awards (R01)

Due Date: 09-15-2017
The goal of the award is to provide support for collaborative investigative teams or individual scientists who propose unusually innovative research projects, which, if successful, would have a major impact in a broad area of biomedical or behavioral research. To be considered transformative, projects must have the potential to create or overturn fundamental scientific paradigms through the use of novel approaches, to transform the way research is conducted through the development of novel tools or technologies, or to lead to major improvements in health through the development of highly innovative therapies, diagnostic tools, or preventive strategies.

LAM Foundation: Pilot & Feasibility Grant

Due Date: 09-15-2017
Proposed work must be hypothesis generating or hypothesis testing, reflecting innovative approaches to important questions in LAM research or development of novel methods, and providing sufficient preliminary data to justify support.

NIDCD Research Grants for Translating Basic Research into Clinical Tools (R01) PAR-17-184

Due Date: 09-18-2017
This funding opportunity seeks teams comprising basic and clinical researchers and clinicians to develop tools for improved diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, or language disorders.

Thrasher Research Fund Invites Concept Papers for Early-Career Grants

Due Date: 09-19-2017
The fund provides grants for clinical, hypothesis-driven research that offers substantial promise for meaningful advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of children's diseases, particularly research that offers broad-based applications.

NIH Director's Early Independence Awards (DP5)

Due Date: 09-22-2017
The program supports exceptional investigators who wish to pursue independent research directly after completion of their terminal doctoral/research degree or clinical residency, thereby forgoing the traditional post-doctoral training period and accelerating their entry into an independent research career.

NIDDK: George M. O'Brien Kidney Research Core Centers (P30)

Due Date: 10-01-2017
The goal of the O'Brien Kidney Research Center program is to make state-of-the art technologies and resources readily accessible to a broad spectrum of investigators pursuing studies in relevant topic areas.

Sartorius & Science Prize for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy

Due Date: 10-01-2017
The annual prize is geared towards researchers focused on basic or translational research that advances regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Entries can be made in the fields of regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy as well as materials and tissue engineering.

NIAMS Rheumatic Diseases Research Resource-based Centers (P30)

Due Date: 10-03-2017
The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) requests applications for for rheumatic diseases research areas within its mission. The Resource-based Centers will provide critical research infrastructure, shared facilities, services, and/or resources to groups of investigators conducting research on rheumatic diseases, enabling them to conduct their independently-funded individual and/or collaborative research projects more efficiently and/or more effectively, with the broad overall goal of accelerating, enriching, and enhancing the effectiveness of ongoing basic, translational, and clinical research and promoting new research.

NICHD Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant (R21)

Due Date: 10-16-2017
These studies may involve considerable risk but may lead to a breakthrough in a particular area, or to the development of novel techniques, agents, methodologies, models, or applications that could have a major impact on a field of biomedical, behavioral, or clinical research.

Pragmatic Research in Healthcare Settings to improve Kidney Disease Prevention & Care (R18)

Due Date: 10-24-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to encourage research applications to test approaches to improve kidney disease prevention and/or treatment in routine healthcare settings. Research applications should be designed to test practical and potentially sustainable strategies that target the prevention or improved care of kidney disease, or the prevention or delay of the complications of kidney disease. The goal of the research is to obtain results that will improve routine healthcare practice and inform healthcare policy for the prevention or management of these conditions.

Biomarkers: Bridging Pediatric & Adult Therapeutics (R21)

This FOA encourages grant applications that propose adapting adult biomarkers to children. This would include the application and validation of biomarkers developed in adults to pediatric diagnosis, prognosis, and estimation of disease progression, toxicity, and response to therapy.

Advancing the Science of Geriatric Palliative Care (R01 & R21)

This FOA encourages exploratory or developmental research grant applications to develop new tools, methods, and models focused on palliative care in geriatric populations. The request for applications covers studies in a variety of healthcare or community settings. R01 and R21 available

RJWF Evidence for Action: Investigator-Initiated Research to Build a Culture of Health

Evidence for Action (E4A), a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, funds research that expands the evidence base needed to build a Culture of Health. Their mission is to support rigorously designed quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research that yields convincing findings regarding the population health, well-being, and equity impacts of specific policies, programs and partnerships.

NIH-Industry Program: Discovering New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (X02 and UG3/UH3)

The program is designed to develop partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and the biomedical research community to advance therapeutics development. X02, UG3/UH3, and pediatric UG3/UH3 available.

Quick Wins

Are you frustrated with a device that you use? Is there a clinical process you see that needs improvement? Do you have a brilliant idea for a system, device, or program that would make life better `For the Kids¿? Quick Wins is a funding program put in place to provide rapid solutions to unmet clinical and business needs at Children¿s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Training Funding Opportunities

AHRQ: Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08)

The overall goal of AHRQ-supported career development programs is to help ensure that a diverse pool of highly trained health services researchers are available in adequate numbers and in appropriate research areas to address the mission and priorities of AHRQ.

AAMC 2017 Research Program Awards

Due Date: 06-09-2017
The AAMC is seeking submissions for two research recognition awards. The Sharing Research Resources award recognizes successful models for sharing biomedical research resources, such as sharing a core facility among institutions and campuses. The Innovation in Research and Research Education award highlights institutional biomedical research and research training initiatives that enhance research data rigor and reproducibility in innovative and more effective ways.

HRSA: Behavioral Health Workforce Education & Training (BHWET) Program (HRSA-17-070)

Due Date: 06-12-2017
The purpose of the BHWET Program is to develop and expand the behavioral health workforce serving populations across the lifespan, including in rural and medically underserved areas. The BHWET Program places special emphasis on establishing or expanding internships or field placement programs in behavioral health that include interdisciplinary training for: 1) students/interns, 2) faculty, and 3) field supervisors to provide quality behavioral health services to communities in need.

NIMH Bio-behavioral Research Awards for Innovative New Scientists (NIMH BRAINS) (R01)

Due Date: 06-20-2017
The award is intended to support the research and research career advancement of outstanding, exceptionally productive scientists who are in the early, formative stages of their careers and who plan to make a long term career commitment to research in specific mission areas of the NIMH. This award seeks to assist these individuals in launching an innovative clinical, translational, basic or services research program that holds the potential to profoundly transform the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of mental disorders.

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America Awards

Due Date: 07-01-2017
Research Fellowship Awards are intended to support individuals in the postdoctoral phase of their career to develop skills related to basic and/or clinical investigation in the field of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or Crohn¿s disease and ulcerative colitis. Career Development Awards are mentored awards intended to facilitate the development of individuals with research potential to prepare for a career of independent basic and/or clinical investigation in the area of IBD.

GILEAD Research Scholars Programs

Due Date: 07-07-2017
The Cardiovascular Disease Program supports innovative scientific research that will advance knowledge in the field of cardiovascular disease. The Cystic Fibrosis Program supports innovative scientific research that will advance knowledge in the fields of pediatric and adult cystic fibrosis and provide support for early research career development. The Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Program supports innovative scientific research that will advance knowledge in the field of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

JDRF Career Development Award

Due Date: 06-28-2017
JDRF fosters the development and productivity of the best and the brightest established independent researchers who will bridge the gap between the bench and bedside. The primary purpose of the Career Development Award is to attract qualified and promising scientists early in their faculty careers and to give them the opportunity to establish themselves in areas that reflect the JDRF research emphasis areas.

Career Development Bridge Funding Award: K Supplement

Due Date: 08-01-2017
The awards are designed to encourage early and mid-career investigators to continue vital research into the cause, prevention, and treatment of rheumatic diseases. The purpose of this award is to encourage junior investigators to expand promising research by providing additional support to cover research costs and help investigators become independent.

Lasker/NIH Clinical Research Scholars

Due Date: 08-25-2017
This is a competitive opportunity for early-stage physician-scientists to conduct independent clinical and translational research as tenure-track investigators at the NIH and in academia. It was established to create career research opportunities for physician-scientists (it also includes dental and nurse scientists) and is targeted to outstanding post-fellowship physicians and other clinicians with strong research interests and credentials.

NIH Director's Early Independence Awards (DP5)

Due Date: 09-22-2017
The program supports exceptional investigators who wish to pursue independent research directly after completion of their terminal doctoral/research degree or clinical residency, thereby forgoing the traditional post-doctoral training period and accelerating their entry into an independent research career.

NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Bridges to the Doctorate (R25)

Due Date: 09-25-2017
The NIH Research Education Program (R25) supports research education activities in the mission areas of the NIH. The over-arching goal of this NIGMS R25 program is to support educational activities that enhance the diversity of the biomedical research workforce. To accomplish this goal, the FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Courses for Skills Development and Research Experiences.

Paul B. Beeson Emerging Leaders Career Development Award in Aging (K76)

Due Date: 10-19-2017
This FOA invites early-stage physician and other health-professional investigators with a commitment to aging to apply for this award to advance their research and leadership skills in their specialty and in the broader field of aging and geriatrics research. The National Institute on Aging is pursuing this initiative to recruit new investigators who have begun to establish research programs and who, through this award, will be ready to assume leadership roles in their field of expertise and will be poised to change theory, practice and health outcomes related to the health of older individuals.

Commercialization Funding Opportunities

Point of Care Technologies for the Evaluation & Management of Obstetrics, Neonatal, & Pediatric Critical Care Patients, & for Patients with Disorders of Reproductive Tract & Infertility (R43)

Due Date: 06-30-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to support SBIR research projects using advanced technologies (e.g., bio-chips, microfluidics, and mobile technologies) to develop novel point-of-care (POC) devices and implement existing technologies in clinical settings with a goal to guide diagnostic and therapeutic efforts for obstetric, neonatal, pediatric critical care, and reproductive disorders.

SBIR Phase II Bridge Awards to Accelerate the Development of Cancer Therapeutics, Imaging Technologies, Interventional Devices, Diagnostics, & Prognostics toward Commercialization (R44)

Due Date: 07-06-2017
This FOA solicits Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) applications from small business concerns (SBCs) that seek additional funding to support the next stage of development for projects that were previously funded under SBIR or STTR Phase II awards from any federal agency. Projects proposed in response to this FOA must be applicable to one of the following areas: (1) cancer therapeutics; (2) cancer imaging technologies, interventional devices, and/or in vivo diagnostics; or (3) in vitro and ex vivo cancer diagnostics and prognostics.

Small Business Innovation Research on Rare Musculoskeletal, Rheumatic, & Skin Diseases (SBIR) (R43)

Due Date: 07-10-2017
This FOA solicits Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant applications from small business concerns (SBCs) that propose preclinical studies to advance the development of biomarkers or treatments for rare musculoskeletal, rheumatic. or skin diseases. Also eligible for potential funding through this initiative are studies of FDA-designated orphan products for musculoskeletal, rheumatic, or skin diseases.

Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium 7th Annual Pediatric Device Innovation Competition

Due Date: 07-31-2017
This seed grant competition is an opportunity for the scientific and business community including entrepreneurs, clinicians, scientists, businesses, academic researchers and medical and engineering graduate and undergraduate students, to develop and commercialize a pediatric medical device. The proposal should be directed towards development of a commercializable product, not research of a scientific concept.

Wearable to Track Recovery & Relapse Factors for People with Addiction (R43/R44)

Due Date: 08-15-2017
The purpose of this FOA is to encourage small businesses (SBCs) to develop next generation wearables and supporting mobile applications to identify digital biomarkers associated with reinitiating drug use and relapse, and create a model for just-in-time intervention.

Nasal Delivery of CNS Therapeutics (R43/R44)

Due Date: 08-23-2017
The purpose of this Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) RFA is to develop a nasal delivery formulation that reliably delivers of a therapeutic (e.g., peptides, antibodies, RNAi, or pharmacotherapeutics), at a physiologically relevant concentration, into the central nervous system (CNS). R41/R42 also available.

NCATS SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunities

Due Date: 09-05-2017
NCATS has several open Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program funding opportunities. SBIR and STTR funding supports small businesses working on the advancement and commercialization of translational research technologies. NCATS encourages applications in drug discovery and development; biomedical, clinical and health research informatics; clinical, dissemination and implementation research; and clinical trials.

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